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Leadership From the Inside Out!

Coursework To Become an Unconventional Leader!

We've all heard of, "Think Outside the Box?" Well, this form of leadership does just the opposite, as you are pushed to think from the inside out! In order to be an effective leader, YOU must know who YOU are! 


Unconventional Leadership is for the leader ready to explore the natural assets they bring to leadership and expand those for impact. This form of leadership takes a Go-Getter, a Relentless Urgency, and Forgiving Spirit to push forward! No, this course is not easy, it will be uncomfortable at times, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end!


This leadership works, rather you are an educator, in the private sector, just starting your career, or ready to step out and become an entrepreneur! Whatever your aspirations are, leading your life and career unconventionally gives you presence and undeniable impact!


If I just described you then I urge you to get on my calendar and to see if unconventional leading is your destiny! 


Class space is limited!

So I urge you to schedule your call today before the next session starts!



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