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How to Become UnStuck!

Moving From a Place of Fear To a Place of Intentional Action, That Fuels You To Work Fearlessly For Your Next!
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Being stuck is common amongst the greats, so know you aren't alone. Fear consumes us when we are getting ready to embark on a life-changing journey! Because of this, I wanted to share with you all how to quickly begin to move from being stuck to inspired, empowered, and full of power! 

3 Simple Steps to Become Unstuck

These 3 simple steps are what I have used over and over again to move in purpose. It's how I help other women move forward from being stuck to moving in



Remove the mask of you! Go deep, unfiltered, to the core, and find out what makes you, YOU! (GIFTS)

The second part of the lean is praying on how to use you use the GIFTS in the most impactful way!


Use the core of you to determine next steps. What will give you the most reach in the most effective way. Use what you already have to leverage your next position


If you have done the LEAN, and LEVERAGE completely this is the real action, the real power, the real presence!

You move into direct action, based on YOUR DEVELOPED GIFTS!

Now that I've outlined exactly how to move forward from being stuck in the video above, let's take a look at the benefits of downloading the Lean, Leverage & Lead

e-map, below.

What can I achieve using the 3 simple steps?

With these 3 simple steps, you'll be able to develop a mindset that strengthens your vision to move forward. You will begin to see how you are uniquely created to move in purpose, based on your inner-core. The LEAN, LEVERAGE & LEAD e-book, gives you a roadmap to move, become unstuck in your thoughts and vision, giving you a space to take your GIFTS and vividly write them out, unfiltered, unjudged, and ready to be acted upon!


Luciana has been in the entrepreneur field for 3 years, before being stuck to move forward from her 6 figure income into her GIFTS of purpose! Before this she was in the eductor field for over 17 years, from being a classroom teacher to a school principal in one of the largest inner-city schools, she has always been a teacher/leadher! With that in mind, Luciana came up with 3 simple, yet proven steps to help women MOVE from being STUCK to moving PURPOSEFULLY and in a BIG WAY!


Outside of helping FEMALES to become LEADHERS, Luciana is a loving mother, a published author, national motivational speaker, and an avid traveler!

Mature Woman

"The Lean, Leverage, and Lead e-book, really help me to begin to dig deep. "I am amazed at how the flow of the e-book, while simple urged me to think intensely."


Luciana is a real teacher!" 

Lisa B.

Artist in Workshop

The e-book was great! But I knew I had to speak with Luciana, because her spirit pulled me in from the video. From the e-book to our conversation she was authentic in wanting to push me forward, wanting me to discover my GIFTS and MOVE!!! I am happy that I began working with her, while she is tough and focussed she is also supportive and encouraging in understanding the barriers. 

Make the first move, get the e-book!

Sharon P.

Start with the 3 Simple Steps to Become Unstuck:

Grab Your Copy of The Lean, Leverage & Lead E-Book!

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