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Dr. Luciana Gilmore

Who is she?

She is "The Girl CEO & Coach!"


Truth is Dr. Luciana didn't realize the true spirit of leadership until she was in the thick of her own leadership journey. She had always been told that she did things differently and that she didn't focus on how she would get to the end result, but instead, she just knew the end result could be achieved. 


Having a background most would write off as another statistic, Dr. Luciana was determined to craft her own way. Four degrees later, over 20 years in education, including an elementary and high school principal, Dr. Luciana determined it was time to take her unique experience, acquired skill set, and earned achievements, and show others exactly

what overcoming adversity could look like if

determination and a spirit to win were the

fueling forces!


Understanding her undeniable attraction to

help females become successful, Dr. Luciana was fueled to set up her entrepreneurial journey! 

Launching her non-profit in 2016, Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation, she began helping young females who faced social-emotional adversity. In 2018, she developed an SEL curriculum just for girls, grades 6th-12th. At the end of 2018, she then added a LeadHerShip Mentoring program for high school girls. In 2019, she launched Novaturient

Industries, which is indicative of her purpose with 'Novaturient' meaning seeking powerful change in your life, behavior, or a certain situation. And most currently in 2022, she launched the Entrepreneurship Academy in collaboration with MyComCle for high school students. Ending her 2022 year, she launched Pretty Girl Investments, a real estate investment firm to teach females the real game of Monopoly.

Life has been busy!

With Dr. Luciana, recently earning her Ph.D, she is now setting out to accomplish her lifetime goal of opening an all-girl high school, named F.O.R.W.A.R.D. Academy. Prescribed for girls of color, her emphasis is to create an environment that meets all of their direct needs. Her goal is to eliminate the educational intersectionalities faced by girls of color while developing a cosmopolitan of great female leaders. F.O.R.W.A.R.D. will become an incubator of female change agents!

As "The Girl CEO/Coach," Dr Luciana has a vision to help as many females reach their full potential as possible! Her vision is big, but she understands the purpose of her life, and she knows the writer of her story, so she walks by faith and acts with intentionality because she knows she is the woman for the JOB! 

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