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The LeadHER Lectures 

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Class is NOW in session!


On May 2024, Dr. Luciana will launch The LeadHER Lectures podcast. A podcast created for females who want to lead their lives purposefully. 


Always being asked for advice, consulting on several issues and topics, and just being down for some good girlfriend conversation and comfort, that we all need from time to time, the "Dr." is ready to be open and candid!

Class has started, get your notes ready!

Lecture Topics


Personal Growth & Development

Where are you? 

Where do you want to be?

How do you get there?

Listen, talk is just that, TALK! Nothing happens if nothing happens...

If you want to change some things, then visualize it, make a plan, and take action! We will talk candidly, about progress, goals, and stagnation.


Business Development & Growth

How do you maneuver through business?

So, you have this great idea, but you are stuck...

No, money to invest

No, family or friends to support

You have no time to invest because you work full time

You look at social media and see how others make it look it so easy, BUT it's not easy for you...

BLAH BLAH BLAH, Heard it, Lived it, Survived It!

Let me help you, as I share what I've learned over the years. Sharing what has worked, how I've failed, and how determination has to be the FUEL to your FIRE!


Education = Chess not Checkers

So this isn't your everyday Education segment. 

Do I support college, YES!

Do I support HBCU's, YES!

Do I believe everyone has to attend college to become successful, NO!

Through life and experiences, I've learned there are many ways to become successful, and let's make this clear, SUCCESS is relative, and determined by the individual. 

DO you need to be educated in SOMETHING to win in this game of LIFE? YES! (This is CHESS not CHECKERS)


Come in the Principal's Office, let's Talk!


Men, Relationships & All that Stuff

Whew, Chile!

I lived, I loved, and I got SMART!

Yes, I've been married, in fact, I have two traces of evidence. I have 3 children, so we all know for sure, I've had at least three relationships, at the most 5! (Don't judge me, judge your momma) 

AND, I grew up in the 90's when bamboo earrings, a coach bag, riding boots, and K-swiss tennis shoes, made you the "IT" girl, fair to say, I have some experience.

Come on in to the Leadher Lectures and talk about all things: MEN, SEX, and POWER!

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