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Have Heard What Others Are Saying?

Dr. T. Menefee
High School Principal

"Luciana Gilmore is a visionary whose ideas and approach to leadership are unique and practical. In addition, Luciana is a wonderful role model for girls who are battling adversity."

Ms. M. Jimmison

Assistant School Principal

"Some of the best teaching techniques are shown by example. I was given the

opportunity to be

led by a true leader who took the time to lead by example and model her



Mr. L. Baluduff

Assistant School Principal

"Meaningful Proactive Leadership"

Ms. Gilmore is an instructional leader who mentors and guides everyone by modeling what is expected!"


Ms. A. Robinson

Speech Language Pathologist

 "She is a visionary. With a candid, “no-nonsense" style, committed to successful change.  She exudes strength and confidence as she encourages all

to be the best at whatever it is they do.

She is supportive of staff who execute

positive initiatives that inspire greatness in others. She is wise beyond her years; a

true commander!"


Mrs. L. Petranek

Middle School Teacher

"Ms. Gilmore has always listened and asked for opinions.  She knew the strengths and weaknesses of her team and used them to complete what needed to be done. She also pushed us to try new things and step out of our comfort zones.  She walked the walk with us. I thank her for being

that kind of leader."



Mrs. S. Barnes

High School Math Coach

"Ms. Gilmore developed 

goals based on the school's data and

effectively communicated those goals

to staff and students. She provided meaningful and relevant professional development to her staff to help enhance and/or improve teachers' classroom practices.  Under her leadership student performance

improved and as a result, the

school's graduation rate



Elementary Teacher
Feedback from Professional Development
"I thought the presenter was outstanding. I believed she opened our eyes to the reality around us! "

Elementary Teacher
Feedback from Professional Development
"I appreciated how Ms. Gilmore focused on relationship building while seeing things from the student perspective." "

Middle School Teacher
Feedback from Professional Development
"Ms. Gilmore is invigorating, you can feel her commitment to ensuring that inner-city are educated appropriately! "

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